Bog Brains


Bog Brains is held in Girley Bog, a wonderful wilderness where your team will be landed in the midst of hundreds of acres of raised bog and woodland. Creative thinking, uncommon sense and cooperation will lead you on the pathway back to civilisation.

Refreshments may be uncovered on the trail… but don’t miss a clue or you will miss the party!

The Bog has been Causey’s most talked about attraction, and the one that people keep coming back for – this team building activity will force you to use your grey matter to avoid going into our well seasoned brown matter.cordon coque telephoneelfbar 600schöne handyhüllenofficial statementshow coupons

As with all activities at Causey, Bog Brains provides guaranteed fun and laughter and everyone will leave with a smile on their face.

Bog Brains is ideally planned as a two hour activity and can be combined with any of our other activity programmes. Alternatively we also have meeting room facilities if you wish to combine this activity with an off site meeting.


The Bog Brains Activity costs €40+VAT per head and is subject to a minimum charge of €400 + 13.5% VAT.

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